Carrie Norin, PhD

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Micrograph Prints

adaptation: an exploration in scale

Through this series, I explore the interplay between two imperceptible worlds: the infinitesimal scale of cellular biology and the profoundly slow pace of biological evolution. 

These two worlds lie beyond the boundaries of simple observation, yet intersect harmoniously, shaping the form and function of all living things. 

This work aims to honor the evolutionary adaptations that have shaped the plant kingdom for hundreds of millions of years, while revealing their hidden beauty at the cellular level.

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Equisetum hyemale 

Rough Horsetail 

Reed Node

Eichhornia crassipes 

Water Hyacinth

Leaf Petiole

Kalanchoe millottii Kalanchoe


Narcissus pseudonarcissus 

Wild Daffodil

Stem Parenchyma

Gossypium hirsutum Upland Cotton

Seed Fiber and Water Droplets

Pelargonium x hortorum Garden Geranium


Aluminum Prints                      Unframed Fine Art Prints    

(includes a 3/4"                         Hahnemuhle Bamboo Paper   

inset frame for                        (Mounting / Framing available

floating effect)                        for extra charge)

12" x 12"   $350                             12" x 12"   $100

24" x 24"  $550                            24" x 24"  $200

36" x 36"  $750                            36" x 36"  $400   

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Pelargonium x hortorum Garden Geranium


Gossypium hirsutum Upland Cotton

Seed Fiber

Rosa multiflora (Multiflora Rose)

Leaf Vein

Echinacea angustifolia 

Purple Coneflower

Flower Head

Tulipa gesneriana 

Garden Tulip